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What we do

Brillica Services Company provides design and technology services to help companies create a great, cohesive experience across complex systeams, at every touchpoint between people and your organization

Technology and Experience Design Services

Explore our services below to see exactly how Brillica Services Company can help you tackle the complex challenges facing your organization.

Digital Application & Product Design

We're experts at tracking tough UX challenges and designing digital products that are smart, beautiful, and easy for people to use -on any device.

User Experience & Service Design

The best user experiences are consistent across all channels. Our user experience design services always consider the entire ecosystem your user interact within- designing for people wherever they click, tab, talk, touch, work, or play.

Software Development and Consulting

We offer a full range of technology consulting, platform integration, and custom development services to meet your unique business goals.

Design Research & User Testing

We Believe in evidence-based design, so we'll analyze your audiences, stakeholders, and competitive landscape to produce personas, journey maps, and other objective reserch artifacts to guide and validate our designs.

Content Strategy

Content is a critical factor is successful experience. we'll work with you to plan useful, valuable content that will resonate with your audience and help reach your goals.

Design Systems

We'll help you create, adopt, and govern a robust infrastructure to be the single source of truth for your design and development teams..

We Improve…

Products & Services
Internal Collaboration & Communication
Customer Satisfaction & Retention

We Increase…

Efficiency, Productivity, & Innovation
Sales & Lead Generation
Brand Awareness.

We use objective research to drive strategy and ensure strong, evidence-based solutions.

We create custom websites, apps, and digital products that enable great experiences.

We establish and strengthen systems and leadership to sustain consistency, quality, and growth.

Our Technology Stack

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