Cloud Computing

Harness the power of cloud computing knowledge to become a part of the cloud revolution being witnessed in the IT world and carve a successful career. Take immersive cloud technology training on related technologies such as DevOps, IoT on AWS and Azure platforms. Gain confidence with scenario- based learning approach and hands-on exposure with us and get noticed for diverse Cloud Careers.

Cloud Computing Training Program

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Why Cloud Computing

According to IDC, 38 percent of IT positions by 2021 would be cloud-related, making it implicit to acquire efficient cloud skills for chasing a promising career in the cloud. The organizations are adopting cloud at a fast pace for high scalability, robustness, flexibility and secured storage, despite cost-saving benefits, giving way to soaring demand for skilled cloud workforce. Acquiring proficient cloud skills with intensive Cloud Computing training is the industry-recognized way of validating your cloud expertise and moving
ahead in the career journey.

Program Highlights

● World-class Faculty
● Flexible schedules and guaranteed to run batches
● Designed for Fresher and Working Professionals
● Case-study based training
● Successful career transitions
● Expertly researched industry-relevant content with systematic delivery
● Practical scenario-based approach
● Dedicated mentoring and round the clock support

Compelling Facts
Cloud Computing and Career Impact

Cloud computing is the default mode of IT infrastructure operations in most organizations hugely impacts all IT landscapes including data analytics, information security and even project management.
Cloud skills have become the most preferred skills and have opened up the opportunities for the roles of cloud architects and developers with proficient coding skills in R, Python, a strong foundation of DevOps, IoT and holistic AWS and Azure on the go.

Know the opportunities that await you in Cloud Computing…
Industry Recruiters
Are you the right fit?
  • The course is highly recommended for all IT aspirants and technical graduates
     Who has a strong desire to gain deep insight into the cloud architecture and its services.
     Who want to gain expertise in cloud architecture designing, cloud resource monitoring,
    optimizing performance and managing security.
     Who want to discover newer and successful opportunities in cloud application and architecture

Cloud computing refers to delivering all IT solutions as a service hosted on the internet. These services include IT Infrastructure, Platform, and Software, popularly known as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS respective. Available both in public and private forms, Cloud services are distinctively characterized by high scalability, utmost security coupled with boundless benefits of increased mobility, low investment,
better collaboration and quality of service. As global organizations are moving rapidly towards the cloud, there is a strong demand for skilled cloud professionals to help organizations migrate to the cloud, and leverage the hosted cloud services, operate and manage them with proficiency. Brillica Services can help you be a part of this cloud stream with the intensively focused and specialized cloud computing training courses.

Yes, the cloud computing courses are available in online mode featured with live mentoring sessions
from the highly certified and experienced instructors.

As a cloud computing aspirant willing to take up the cloud computing training, you must have basic knowledge and interest in IT technology on any of the diverse domains including development, database administration, networking, testing/quality assurance, IT infrastructure management etc.

To take the cloud computing training, as a tech graduate, you must ideally have a basic understanding of IT infrastructure systems and devices, conceptual knowledge of operating systems like Windows and
Linux. For development courses, interest in coding, basic knowledge of algorithms is required. Though
not mandatory, it is beneficial to have some exposure to working on public and private cloud
environments or IT infrastructure and network management.

The cloud computing course category is comprised of specialized training courses on:
 AWS Certified Developer Associate
 AWS Solution Architect
 Microsoft AZURE
 DevOps Certification Training
 Internet Of things using RaspberryPi
The course curriculum is designed to build a sound foundation on topics like Cloud essentials,
architecture, services and deployment models for AWS and Azure. It also includes a deep understanding of VMSs, containers and cloud migration. On the development front, it includes app development, coding, DevOps for software development, testing to transform a highly skilled cloud architect out of a budding cloud career aspirant.

You get access to specialized content & hands-on practical exposure over the included cloud technologies, services, architecture, techniques, machines and instances all geared to set the stage right for acquiring proficient skills in respective domains of security, networking, machine learning, IoT, AWS, Azure etc and become job-ready.

Compositely the cloud computing courses are scholarly designed to:
 Enable you to understand the enterprise cloud adoption policies and make relative architecture
and design decisions.
 Help you design and implement enterprise infrastructure and platforms required for cloud
 Analyze enterprise system requirements and ensure flawless security of developed and used
 Help you become competent at working with VMs and other cloud computing techniques and
 Understand and tactfully implement relative cloud strategies and solutions in the enterprise
 Understand the cost implications of deploying specific cloud solutions, do trade-offs and make
informed decisions.
 Use your knowledge to guide the subordinates during cloud migration and implementation of
cloud solutions.
 Enhance your DevOps, AWS, Azure, skills to the core.

The Cloud Computing Course includes various real-time projects to help you analyze and take measures to resolve a real-world problem related to cloud infrastructure, platform or service using a range of tools & techniques that you have learned in live Cloud computing classes.

Relevant career opportunities with leading companies include:
 Software Engineer
 Senior Software Engineer
 DevOps Engineer
 Full-Stack Developer
 Cloud Engineer
 Data Engineer
 AWS cloud developer
 Cloud Solutions Architect etc.

The top companies that hire skilled cloud computing professionals include:
 VMware
 Oracle
 Adobe
 Microsoft
 Accenture
 Salesforce
 Delloite and many more…

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